Interesting facts about Cuba

#1 - The country’s name has been derived from the words "Serra Leao," which in Portuguese mean- "Lion Mountain Range".

#2 - Sierra Leone is one of the smallest republics in Africa and in terms of size it ranks as the 118th largest country in the world

#3 - The total land area of Sierra Leone is 27,699 square miles (71,740 square kilometres

#4 - The official language of Sierra Leone is English.

#5 - Sierra Leone grows rice, cacao, coffee and palm kernels; they also rear poultry and catch fish.

#6 - The capital is Freetown; it covers an area of 138 square miles (357 square kilometres) and had a population of 1,007,000 in 2015.

#7 - The Queen Elizabeth II Qua, the world’s third largest natural harbor is in Sierra Leone.

#8 - With coastal rainfall reaching 495 cm (195 inches) annually, it is one of Western Africa’s wettest places.

#9 - Whether you’d like to relax on a beautiful sandy beach or explore the luscious green nature reserves that Sierra Leone has to offer, you might want to keep the coordinates 8.4844° N, 13.2344° W handy if you’re travelling independently.

#10 - The average life span here is 58 years.